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Supplemental Postings

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Supplemental Postings

May 9, 2023

 All of the following extracurricular positions (supplemental contracts) are open for the 2023-24 school year.  Anyone interested in a coaching position, please apply to Athletic Director, Josh Calame.  Applicants for the remaining positions should apply to their building principal or direct supervisor.

Positions involved:

Asst. H.S. Football Coach                                                           

H.S. Volleyball Coach

Middle School Football Coach                                                   

Asst. H.S. Volleyball Coach

H.S. Softball Coach                                                                       

Middle School Volleyball Coach

 Asst. H.S. Softball Coach                                                            

Freshman Volleyball Coach          

Reserve H.S. Softball Coach                                                       

H.S. Wrestling Coach

 H.S. Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)                                     

Asst. H.S. Wrestling Coach

 Asst. H.S. Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)                           

Middle School Wrestling Coach

Reserve H.S. Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)                     

Cheerleader Advisors (H.S. & M.S.)

 Freshman Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)                           

Marching, Jazz, Pep Band

 M.S. Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls)                                      

Spelling Bee Advisor (M.S.)          

 H.S. Cross Country                                                                               

Leaders Club 

M.S. Cross Country                                                                           

H.S. Drama 

H.S. Track Coach (Boys & Girls)                                                 

Yearbook (H.S., M.S., Elem.) 

Asst. H.S. Track Coach (Boys & Girls)                                       

Flag Corp/Majorette Advisor 

M.S. Track Coach (Boys & Girls)                                                 

Student Council Advisor (H.S. & M.S.) 

H.S. Golf Coach (Boys & Girls)                                                   

Class Advisors 

H.S. Baseball Coach                                                                       

Art Club Advisor 

Asst. H.S. Baseball Coach                                                          

National Honor Society/OSA                                 

Reserve H.S. Baseball Coach                                                    

History Club                                                             

Weight Room Coordinator                                                         

Acad. Chall. Ad. (H.S., M.S., Elem.) 

E-Sports Advisor                                                                         

Leap Route                                                                   

Girls in Motion Leader                                                               

Pioneer Route

Pre-School Route