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Classified Postings

Position:   Classroom Aide, Middle School and Elementary School

Qualifications: High School Diploma or Post-secondary Degree

ETS Para-Pro course completion

Ability to obtain an Aide License

Posting Date:   September 15, 2021

Duties Performed: A successful candidate shall be able to maintain tasks required to provide an atmosphere that promotes a safe learning environment for all students.

Application Procedure:     A letter of inquiry must should be submitted as soon as possible.

Letters of inquiry should be sent to:

Mr. Mark Genders, Middle School Principal

400 Trux St.

Plymouth, Ohio 44865

Phone: (419) 687-8200


Substitute Bus Drivers Needed:

Substitute drivers must obtain a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). The Plymouth Shiloh School District will provide the training needed to earn a CDL. Once qualified, substitute drivers are in high demand and will work fairly regularly while school is in session. Substitute drivers also receive priority for permanent driver jobs with the district.


Substitute Custodians, Secretaries and Cafeteria Help Needed:

Substitute custodians, secretaries and cafeteria help is needed in the Plymouth Shiloh School district. If you are interested please contact the Board Office for more information.