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New Student Enrollment Forms/Page

What do I need to enroll my student with your District?


Thank you for your interest in enrolling your student(s) at Plymouth Shiloh Local Schools. The staff at the Plymouth-Shiloh School District looks forward to working with you and your child in the future.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions at 419-687-4733 for the Board Office or 419-687-8200 for the schools.

To begin the enrollment process for K-12, please review the steps below. If you are inquiring about Preschool please contact the Elementary at 419-687-8200 Ext. 22325.  If you are inquiring about Open Enrollment, please contact the Board of Education office at 419-687-4733 Ext. 22229.


Please contact us at 419-687-8200 to schedule a time to come in and register your student(s). Only a parent, guardian, or legal custodian may enroll a child.


You will meet with our building secretaries to complete your registration. Make sure to have all of the required documentation in hand when you arrive. We are unable to complete your registration without each item.

  • Student Birth certificate (copy of the original certified birth certificate)
  • Student Immunization record
  • Photo ID of parent/guardian
  • Proof of residency from the following list
  • Utility Bill — current (gas, electric, etc.)
  • Purchase agreement (utility bill must then be presented within 60 days)
  • Current lease agreement (utility bill must be presented within 30 days)
  • Building Permit (occupancy must take place within 90 days — utility bill must then be presented within 30 days)
  • Residency Verification Form (notarized statement for those living as guests of a Plymouth-Shiloh Local School District resident). Completion of this form along with proof of residency from the Plymouth-Shiloh Local School District resident is needed for the student to start. You will also need to provide within 30 days a piece of US mail with a current postmark addressed to the new local address.
  • Court papers (legal custody or change of custody) if applicable
  • Foster placed students will also require documents from the court


  • Information about special services received at previous school (IEP/MFE/504 Plan)
  • Copy of grade card or transcripts from prior school
  • Previous school name, address, phone number and fax number


Plymouth Shiloh Local Schools uses an online registration process to gather the needed information to enroll your child in school. During your appointment with the building secretary, an account will be set up for you in FinalForms. Your student’s account will also be created and linked to you. FinalForms will then send you an e-mail with a link you must click on to confirm your account and set up your password. You may then click on the incomplete forms button and complete all of the forms for your student(s).

If you require assistance completing the online registration packet, please contact the appropriate building secretary. Your registration is complete when you have completed the above steps.


All custody paperwork must be court-stamped by a family court magistrate or judge. Documents without an official court stamp will not be accepted. The school district will make and retain a photocopy of each document for the student’s confidential file.


Please Note: Without all necessary residency and custody paperwork on file in school offices, students will not be permitted to start the school year.


The McKinney-Vento Act strongly emphasizes the importance of school stability for homeless children and youths. For more information on resources available to families experiencing homelessness, contact the Plymouth Shiloh Schools Board of Education Office (419-687-4733) or see the following link,


Students living outside the Plymouth Shiloh Local School District can apply to attend as an open enrollment student.   If your child was open enrolled last year, you must confirm that they are continuing to do so by filling out the Open Enrollment form located on this page.  Open Enrollment forms must be filled out for every school year.   If your child is new to the district or has been a student of Plymouth Shiloh Local Schools and you have moved out of the district, you will also have to fill out an Open Enrollment Form located on this page.

Parents who wish to send their student(s) to Plymouth Shiloh Local Schools under open enrollment must complete the necessary application process and obtain approval before being enrolled. Please contact the Board of Education office for more details.

Forms Needed to Enroll a Student

District Request for Records


Residency Verification Form


Open Enrollment Form